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How can a carer help me in 2022?

At Good Oaks Home Care, we believe that a good carer can change your life by providing amazing care and supporting you to live the life you want to live. We provide live-in and visiting care for people across the country, helping them live longer in their own homes. Care packages are uniquely created around the needs of you or your loved one.

How can a Good Oaks carer help me in 2022?

There are plenty of ways a carer can help you kick start your year and make 2022 easier and more enjoyable for you.

Carers can help you get the house ready for seasonal changes – for example Spring cleaning or getting the garden tidied away ready for winter.

  • Housework – carers can help with cleaning, tidying, washing and ironing. In fact, any household jobs that you or your loved one is starting to struggle with, like changing the duvets and sheets or hoovering behind furniture and dusting.
  • Gardening – Helping with mowing and keeping the garden in order.
  • Getting up in the morning or getting to bed at night – Our carers can help make those daily transitions easier and stress-free by helping you into and out of bed, helping you to shower and to get dressed.
  • Cooking – From a tasty breakfast to meal prepping, our carers can help you with  anything you need in the kitchen. Nutrition and hydration are very important, and all our carers are trained in the importance of this. We can even help you to cook if you want to try out some new recipes for the new year.
  • Personal care – Our carers can help with applying creams and helping you with dressings and personal care tasks.
  • Helping you with your medication – All our carers are trained in medication protocols, and we work with your health care team to make sure you get the right medications at the right time. We can also pick up prescriptions for you.
  • Getting connected – A hugely important part of how a carer can help you is to help you keep connected – whether that’s with your loved ones, or with your friends and social activities. Or it could just be by giving you the confidence to get out into the community again. Often, we find clients are worried about going out for a walk on their own because of the risk of trips or slips. Having a carer by your side can really bolster confidence. We also help clients to keep in touch with family and friends through facilitating face-to-face visits and via phone calls and video calls.
  • Visiting appointments – Our carers can help you get to appointments and activities. All our carers have their own cars and can help you get out and about.
  • Driving you to go shopping or to activities – Whether you’d like us to pick up your shopping for you, or you’d like to go to the supermarket with your carer, we can help with this.
  • Having a catch up – Our clients tell us that one of the things they love most about having a Good Oaks carer is that they can stop and have a cup of tea and a chat. Having the chance to talk about your day together and share hobbies, memories and interests is a huge part of helping our clients feel connected, happy and listened to.

The Good Oaks Home Care difference

We believe that good care can change someone’s life, enabling them to live more independently and comfortably for longer. You can read what our clients and their loved ones say about us here. You can also read about all the tasks we can help you with here. From washing, cooking, cleaning and gardening, to helping you or your loved one get out and about to appointments, to see friends or to do activities. Good Oaks carers are here to help.

If you would like help or support for you or your loved one, please feel free to get in touch for a free consultation about the care we could provide. You can find our contact details online here: goodoakshomecare.co.uk/contact-us or feel free to give our head office team a call on 01202 757787 and we can put you in touch with your local branch.


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