Communication, Partnership-working and Dedication – How Good Oaks Reading provides safe, effective and responsive home care in Reading and Newbury through the Covid-19 pandemic.

The pandemic has affected every aspect of our lives and work, and none more so than the care sector, which has been in the front line in the battle with Covid-19.


Reviewing our actions and performance since the pandemic started, Good Oaks Reading have had an Engagement and Support call with CQC, monitoring four main assessment areas:

  • Safe Care and Treatment
  • Staffing Arrangements
  • Protection from Abuse
  • Assurance Processes, Monitoring and Risk Management

In discussions with the inspector, it was found that across all four areas, the company was assessed as compliant and safe.

Close working with the Rapid Response and Treatment Team and paramedics helped ensure people experienced a comfortable, dignified and pain free death at home, which respected their wishes.

Ingrida, the Registered Manager, highlighted the provider’s proactive approach, which prioritised those at most risk, revised risk assessments and care plans to keep people and staff safe, before government guidance was published.

Competency checks ensured staff followed guidance, which meant risks, especially those relating to infection and medicines, were assessed and managed safely.

Good Oaks consistently shared information with people and staff about the risks of Covid-19 and the measures they were implementing to mitigate the risks, which instilled trust and confidence, together with the early introduction of face masks. Staff were protected with a reliable source of appropriate PPE.

Commenting on the response to the pandemic, Ingrida says “I am immensely proud of our team’s courage and dedication to support people, especially when they were presenting with symptoms.

By providing dedicated staff to symptomatic clients we were able to keep our other clients safe while providing excellent, responsive care to those who needed it most.”

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