Good Oaks’ Million Step Challenge 2017 has a winner! 

As part of our Home Carer Employment Package we’ve all been stepping it up for 12 weeks to grab the big prize of the Million Step Challenge – a top of the range Fitbit! First past the post was Pauline Tantardini, one of our amazing home carers.


Over the course of the challenge, together we have done over 12,500,000 steps, which is a brilliant achievement.

Pauline registered an amazing 1,058,076 steps in just 12 weeks! She said the challenge has changed her life; she is fitter, feels better and really has a new spring in her step. We are all quite sad it’s over but we will be working on the next challenge which is coming soon! 

Pauline won a top of the range Fitbit Charge 2 and plans to keep on walking, working towards the next million!



I have had so much benefit from the challenge. It was really fun to do and I am delighted, and slightly surprised, that I got there first! 

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