Good Oaks Helps Live-in Care Clients Celebrate 67 Years Together

A BRANKSOME PARK couple, Stan and Edna Abercrombie, recently celebrated a long and happy marriage together with a romantic lunch at home, prepared especially by their care agency, Good Oaks Home Care.

Shelley Butcher, Training Manager at Good Oaks, and Live-in Carer, Alicia Pioterek, surprised the couple with a meal of poached salmon in white wine sauce, buttered new potatoes with parsley and fresh mixed vegetables, followed by a chocolate and raspberry heart-shaped muffin. Shelley also delivered a bouquet of flowers and a bottle of champagne from Good Oaks Head Office, to mark the occasion.

Married the same year as the Queen in 1947, and now both in their mid-90’s, the couple have been through a lot together. Stan and Edna met when they both worked at the Telecommunications Research Establishment in Malvern, during the Second World War.

Stan was part of the team of scientists who worked to develop Airborne Interception radar during the War. On his way back from tests at the local airfield, he used to pick up cakes for the ladies in the drawing office, where Edna worked.

The couple married shortly after the war and Edna had to obtain ration coupons for her wedding flowers. They lived in Malvern, where they had their daughter, and retired to Poole in 1986.

They still live in the bungalow they bought and with the help of Alicia, their Live-in Carer, they can keep their independence with their family nearby.

Shelley said: “We were really excited to surprise Stan and Edna with the special lunch we prepared for them. Edna talks a lot about when she and Stan first met and about their lives together, so we wanted to do something to celebrate that. She always says that the secret to a long marriage is ‘a bit of give and take on both sides!’ They seemed really pleased with the meal we prepared – especially the dessert.”

Ben Ashton, Director at Good Oaks Home Care, said “Stan and Edna were among our first clients and it has been a great partnership between them, their family and us, all working together to keep them safe and happy at home in their old age. We all felt we wanted to do something to celebrate 67 years of marriage and make them feel special.”

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