“Good Oaks carers have really made a difference, I can highly recommend them.”

Carers Week (June 7th to 13th, 2021) celebrates all the volunteer carers who are looking after a loved one in the UK. The theme this year is to make care visible and valued – the aim of Carers Week is to raise awareness about the millions of people that work unpaid looking after others and helping their families and communities. One in eight people in the UK is a carer and this number is rising. Carers contribute hugely to society and Carers UK (Link: here) states that carers save the economy £132 billion each year.

At Good Oaks Home Care, we know carers are amazing! We know how hard they work and how sometimes they need help or a break, and that’s where we can help. We understand how important getting the right care for your loved one is. We provide a range of care to help carers – including respite care and support. We can support you in looking after your loved one, whether that be through help with daily activities like washing, dressing and meal preparation, or through respite care, where our carers come in and look after your loved one for a few days at a time.

Often people can feel guilty about needing to take time out, but it is important that carers look after their own physical and mental health as well and have the opportunity to rest and recharge when needed. Respite care can also cover a period if your loved one has gone into hospital and needs additional support when they come home.

Carer Donna Wilkins, from Dorset, has Good Oaks Home Care carers visit to help her son James. Four years ago, James, who has autism, started having seizures and developed acute delirium and a locked in condition. Good Oaks carers help to wash and dress James, they read to him, watch TV together and chat. They also help with two overnight stays a week, to give Donna the ability to sleep without having to worry if James wakes distressed and needs help in the night. The team also provide respite care for James so that Donna can go away overnight occasionally to see her grandchildren.

Donna said: “Good Oaks carers have been amazing. Their PPE policy is great; they have double masks, gloves, they wash their hands and wear aprons. They spend time with James, talking to him, reading to him, watching TV together and helping him. It’s lovely that they care about him. I am very impressed with them.

“I would highly recommend them.”

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