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The Role

Care Consultants are self-employed people representing Good Oaks in their area, providing marketing, assessment and point-of-contact services, in return for generous weekly referral fees for their Clients they have referred to Good Oaks.

Because Consultants act as introducers and are not undertaking the regulated activity, they do not need to be registered with the Care Quality Commission. Good Oaks undertakes all the regulated activities, so Consultants can be freed up to focus on their roles.

Care Consultants are able to provide a more responsive and personal service to the Client than a traditional Agency call-centre with a centralised control model. Consultants can easily visit a Client that they may have some concerns about, something a Coordinator based in a different region may not be able to do so easily.

The activities that Consultants will be undertaking include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Client Assessments
  • Client Reviews
  • Introducing Carers to Clients
  • Business Development
  • Audits

Care Consultancy Role

Financial Model

Care Consultants are self-employed, and are effectively running their own practice; there is no upper limit of how many Clients they are able to sign up, and the weekly fees do not decrease as more and more clients come on board.

Weekly payments are linked to the complexity of the package of care, and are generous; just five Clients would generate an annual income of between £28,000 and £39,000 per year, depending on their needs and prices negotiated.

Of course, as Care Consultants are self-employed, there are overheads such as ordering promotional literature, transport costs, and telephone and internet bills – but these are much smaller than setting up an independent company from scratch.

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The Care Consultant model at Good Oaks is truly innovative – personalised care organised by a named, individual Consultant and backed up by a premium brand.

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