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England’s youngest Registered Care Manager

Since he started caring for his Great Grandmother at just 14, Max Windsor-Peplow always knew he wanted to make caring for people his career – now he is England’s youngest Registered Care manager at 22.

“I love making a positive difference to people’s lives. I helped with my Great Grandmother Joan’s care at 14. I was going over three times a week making sure her meals were prepared and the bed was changed. I wanted to make sure she had what she needed, she really appreciated having someone different going in to say hi and having a cup of tea with her. My Grandad lived close and went in to see her every day, but it was also helpful for me to be there to give him a break. I really enjoyed it.”

It was this early insight into the caring profession, that cemented the kind of care Max wanted his family and others to experience, he said: “I saw the failings in her care and that’s why I’m so passionate about making sure people get the care they deserve. People want time and space; they want to feel heard and listened to – they don’t want to be rushed. They want the care to work for them, and their loved ones want to know there’s someone at the end of a phone they can get hold of that understands.”

At 17 Max completed an apprenticeship in business administration whilst working for a large private care service. Here, he gained an understanding of all aspects of the business, before taking on the role of Care Coordinator, following the completion of his apprenticeship. Max went on to work at a premium retirement village where he gained further qualifications such as Leader in Care enabling him to grow and consolidate his experience. On seeing the job advertised at Good Oaks Home Care Hereford and Worcester, Max quickly realised that his quality care values were perfectly aligned with those of Good Oaks.

The owner of the Hereford and Worcester branch, Stuart saw Max’s passion and talent and suggested he would be a perfect match as a Registered Manager. Stuart said: “Max is exceptionally intelligent with a real depth of understanding of the care industry combined with his local knowledge. He has been in the position for seven months now and has proven himself time and time again to be a highly capable Registered Manager – clients and their families have been hugely impressed with him.”


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