Why Good Oaks

What is the hourly wage?

This depends on your experience and qualifications, and whether you are working at a Peak time or Off-Peak time.

Good Oaks has three pay bands, for a copy of these simply email careers@goodoakshomecare.co.uk and we will send this to you.

We also pay holiday pay on top of the hourly wage. Some companies include this in their advertised wage so it’s always good to ask.

Do you pay mileage?

Yes. We pay mileage at 35 pence per mile for your travel between all your clients.

What are you looking for in a carer?

Although experience is an advantage, the most important thing for us is having the right attributes
to be a good carer. We look for dedicated, caring, reliable and friendly people who will fit in with the
ethos of the company.

Do I need my own car?

Yes. Because our clients are based in the community, and not always on public transport routes, we do ask that our carers are able to drive and have access to a car.

Can you guarantee me a certain number of hours?

We understand people need a certain number of hours, so if you do want guaranteed hours we can arrange this, depending on your availability. Both full- and part-time guaranteed contracts are available.

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