Care after hospital discharge – explained

We understand that organising care after a stay in hospital can seem daunting at first. It may be that although they no longer need acute care, your loved one still requires help at home. This might just be for a short time as they continue to recover, or longer-term. You might find that your loved one is low on confidence following their stay in hospital, or they are now more anxious about managing at home.

You’ll want to organise care quickly and you’ll want a smooth transition from hospital to care at home. This will give both you and your loved one peace of mind.

We’ve put together some information about what to expect from hospital discharge.

Hospital discharge

When your loved one’s doctor confirms that they are medically fit to be discharged, they are ready to go home. Care after a hospital stay is also often known as reablement care.

The hospital discharge team will organise for them to return home. A discharge team usually includes your loved one’s doctor, a social worker, and representatives from relevant multi-disciplinary teams. These might include occupational therapists, physiotherapists and speech therapists.

As the patient’s loved one, you will play an important part too, as you know them best. You’ll also know how much family support your loved one will have and what will work best with their daily routine.

If you are self-funding your care, you’ll be looked after by a social worker from the self-funding team. Your social worker will give you some suggestions of care providers, or you can do this research yourself.

Care after Hospital

The discharge team will draw up a Care Plan, that includes all the details of the support that your loved one’s needs. Your care provider will also need to do an assessment of your loved one and of their home, so they understand exactly how best to meet their needs.

If it’s easiest for you, we can come and visit you in hospital and also visit your home with a member of your family. We’ll make sure your Care Plan is up and running, ready for when you get back.

Back on your feet

We are all generally happiest in our own homes, with all our familiar things around us. For lots of us, getting home as quickly as possible can make all the difference. It can even make us feel a bit better.

At Good Oaks, we believe the main objective of care after hospital is to help your loved one resume their day-to-day life. We want to enable them to regain as much independence as possible. we aim to help clients do as much of their daily routine as they can, as well as handling the more challenging tasks.

You can read more about Home from Hospital care here.

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